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Zong Network - Say Hello to a New Dream

Zong 4G is Pakistan’s Number 1 data network with the widest 4G network coverage and fastest internet speed available across Pakistan. Zong 4G’s new dream is to lead the digital revolution in Pakistan and multiply its customers’ experience through truly innovative data products and  Zong 4G’s lightning fast internet speed. Zong’s data packages empower you to stay connected on the go giving you uninterrupted data experience and opening an avenue of infinite possibilities to make you realize Zong’s new dream.
You can enjoy Zong 4G either through a Zong 4G SIM on your smartphone, or you can power your entire home with a Zong 4G mobile broadband device and connect up to 10 devices simultaneously i.e. smartphones, tablets and laptops with it.

Zong 4G on Smartphones

Step 1: You need a 4G handset

Step 2: You need a Zong 4G SIM!  If you don’t already have a Zong 4G SIM, get a new 4G SIM along with 1 GB free data, by visiting your closest Zong CSC or franchise

Step 3: You need a Zong data package. Visit the Online Activation Shop above and buy a suitable data package that suits your data needs, and enjoy mobile internet like never before!

Zong 4G on Mobile Broadband  Devices

Step 1: Buy the portable Zong Bolt+ 4G device at the link above.

Step 2: Choose a data package that suits your need the most from 1) Monthly 24 GB, 2) Monthly 50 GB or 3) Monthly 24GB/month for 3 months.

Step 3: Confirm your order online and a Daraz representative will be at your doorstep to configure your device for you.

If you’re not a Zong customer, buy a new Zong sim or port in to Zong with your existing number (of any operator) by dialing 0314 333 4455.